Updates updates updates

New Server, no more mongo db and new badges

We finally managed to run a proper server upgrade and upgraded to a brand new server running the newest lingo and security patches.

Skip this next paragraph if you don't talk nerd 

Not that the old server was at risk, but we had to do this at some stage since PHP 5.5 wasn't supported anymore. Main update was therefore the PHP version bump to 7.1. With this came the removal of Mongo Db, which we used for our user activity feed. But since the upgrade from 5.5 to 7.1 caused a little "cluserlove" in regards to backward compatibility we decided to ditch mongo db, since it's all event driven anyways and we only display 10 user activities at a time on your profile page after login. What does that mean for you ? No changes whatsoever.

Changing location

Most of our users reside in the US, Mexico and Australia so instead of hosting our site in Europe we moved our bits and bobs over to the US. Which means quicker page loads for most of you guys.

New badges are in town

Last but not least we chiselled in some new badges, which the deep diver might enjoy quite enormously. "Captain Nemo", "Submarine Cleaner" and "Crazy Monkey Fish" are just a few of the new badge of badges.

Happy dive logging and badge collecting !

What does Diveary do for you as Scuba Diving Business ?

We have put a lot of time and effort into our dive shop directory and wanted to let you know all about the goodies that it brings to your business.

Diveary gives you a completely free directory listing. Just sign up as a regular user and manage all your shop details. Regardless of whether you are a scuba gear provider, under water photography merchant or a full on  -hardly ever available on shore - scuba dive business.

Free scuba dive shop directory listing

Your shop will be listed on Diveary's directory with information which you can manage yourself.

Better ranking on Google

We combine your shop data and your link to your home page with user provided dive log data. Not only will scuba divers find you in our network, but so will Mr Google and Mr Bing ! Which means more traffic being driven to your business.

Claim your existing scuba diving business

Is your shop already registered with us ? No problem you can simply claim your business and keep all the information we already have about you including the dives logged with your business.

Manage your staff 

Got a keen Divemaster logging dives away? Make sure he or she becomes an official staff member on Diveary.

New Dive Shop Directory & Dive Shop Data Management as BETA

We have been rather busy over the last weekends and managed to push out new features.

The biggest changes are:

A new dive shop directory

We have a dive shop directory now. Check it out under https://diveary.com/dive-shops. Scuba divers can now

  • see all dive shops per country
  • view the dive activity of each dive shop 
  • directly contact a dive shop
  • get detailed information on each dive shop
  • simplified dive shop selection on your dive log form

Dive Shop's Data Management

Dive shops can now claim a business and manage their own content on Diveary. This is great for SEO, supports a dive shop's business and helps new dive shops to attract scuba divers. This is currently in beta testing and only selected shops have access to this feature to make sure things work properly before we inform "the whole world".

This upgrade will allow shops to maintain their staff lists, upload pictures, learn about their visitors on Diveary and how many people have logged dives with them. Furthermore, these dive shops can update contact details and their latitude and longitude to display them nicely on their Diveary profile page.

Find some examples here:

Crest Diving Jervis Bay
Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas

Thanks for tuning in.

Happy dive-logging,

Your Team Diveary

Full Screen Maps and a yellow wet suit

OK, we decided to use all features google maps has to offer. You can go fullscreen now and drop the little "yellow scuba diver" next to your dive site... if you're lucky you get a nice impression of the surroundings .. Amie's profile is a good example:

Yes we just sold google's street view as a new feature 😉

Shiny new features

Team Diveary has been busy,

they pushed out some good new features.

Ticked Off
  • SSL - we now finally have the site up and running under a secure connection
  • Login directly from Home screen
  • a new pretty background picture on the homepage
  • daily secure backups to the almighty cloud
  • you can add your dive gear and camera equipment to your profile
Coming Soon

  • Shops will be able to add their dive staff to their Shop on Diveary 
  • Explore dive sites around the world on one big map
  • "Dive Gear management tool"
    We want you to be able to see when a service is necessary and even remind you, that your reg needs some mechanical love
  • get a little more social
    We want you to be able to go for an afternoon dive at your favourite spot and hit up some potential buddies that go diving around that spot regularly

Dive logging becomes more fun

While Mario is doing a bad job in Koh Tao (Apparently he is to shy to walk into shops with a little flyer about Diveary), Victor and Jiangti came up with some pretty cool features.

Let's put this in a quick list, so you can see what's new:

  • Notifications
    Whenever someone follows you or logs you as a buddy in a dive, you will be notified. So you don't really have to look for the activities you are involved in on your Diveary homepage.

  • Copy Dive
    Now this is one of our favourites. Whenever someone published a dive you were part of, you now have the opportunity to copy that dive over to your logbook. Meaning less logging work for you, since you might have seen the same critters at the same spot anyway. You only have to adjust your personal notes, your air consumption, weights and so on.

  • Little things
    The devil is in the details. So we also had to fix a bunch of little issues. Facebook just recently changed their API calls, but we had no one to call. Mr Zuckerberg was apparently busy or demanded USD 100 for even reading his emails. Mario was complaining about slow internet, so we gave him a little loading icon whenever his log page is busy loading species or dive sites. Mr Google didn't like our page titles for dives, but we also could satisfy him. And this list goes on and on.... but yeah we are on it and love doing it ;-)

Happy Logging

Features in progress

Hi there,

we were able to fix most of the issues that came up during our first week. We are now working on some more features.

  • Profile Link 
    Now you get your unique Nickname on your profile page url (just make sure you set your nickname under settings (Example: http://diveary.com/profile/mario)
  • Emails
    We had some issues, sending out Emails, they went all straight to the spam folder. We integrated an email gateway to make sure we reach our buddies when we tag them in a dive. This is still work in progress, but we are close to drown the spam filters.
  • Notifications 
    This is a feature soon to be released, we want to know if someone tags us in a dive or follows our deep water activities.
  • Dive Log Imports
    Some of us have dive computers and hell yeah we don't want to type in every single dive we did, since it's given in a nice digital format already. This will hopefully be finished early next week and looks good so far. It comes with a fancy little graph which then shows your exact dive profile.
Happy logging....

The imported dive profile data in early stages,...

Notifications in development

Diveary - first beta version

We are damn proud to announce the release of our first beta version of Diveary. A beta Version (for the non-nerd) is a version that might have some errors. So don’t get mad at us in case you discover something we have overseen, but we would love you to send us a little message about it. Just use contact@diveary.com and we will get our hands on it straight away.

Despite that fact, it looks really nice and we already have fun logging our dives. So what are you waiting for ?  Get your hands on it! http://diveary.com

May the bubbles be with you

Your Diveary Team
Victor, Jiangti and Mario

just a little screenshot

Quality takes time

... would be a professional or a political excuse for not delivering Diveary as promised last year. The truth is, that most of us have been on Christmas holidays, back home or on a road trip in Australia and haven't really had time for our precious project. We have collected content though and we can already post this content on Diveary.

We've picked up our work again this year and finished most of our promised features. We currently gave access to the "live" version to selected beta users. Let us know, if you are keen to play with it just yet, even though you might get some emails twice or your tablet version still looks a bit funny and we can set you up. But you might find some bugs -> which is the whole point of it...

Victor and Jiangti are now on fire in regards of programming. Mario is on fire too, but more in a "bush fire" kind of sense. He is making his way to through the desert from Sydney to Port Lincoln to see one of his favourite sharks.

Thank you guys for staying tuned. We will keep you posted. And many thanks to our beta tester team, you guys are annoyingly precise when it come to logging a dive ;-)

We need your feedback!

Hi there!

Mario, Jiangti and me have been busy this week putting some hard work on Diveary. Our beta version is coming together nicely and we can't wait to show it to you!

Our goal is to make Diveary one of the better scuba diving sites for you to enjoy and while we have some cool ideas that we are implementing, we would love to hear from you!

We have prepared a simple form where you will be able to rate a set of features based on how important they are for you and also, you will get a chance to propose things that you would like to be present on Diveary. It would mean a lot to us if you could spend 5 minutes of your time and help us with your opinions.

If you would like to participate, you can do it here.

Happy diving!

Diveary - the beginning

In 2008 a guy was caught in a tough situation. He was stuck on a Caribbean Island and forced to go diving everyday. This unavoidable activity allowed him to come up with the idea of Diveary. His inspiration remained dormant until he jumped on a motorbike and travelled around Australia. Diveary (a "dive diary") materialized into a concept while he drove, and Mario found himself with something to act on. While Mario was riding and diving around Australia his two mates from Sydney - Jiangti and Victor - took on the physical work and got their hands dirty with some nerdy coding stuff.

Having 3 different nationalities, none of whom are native English speakers, and one who was fighting dust and sunshine in the outback, the project didn't quite take off. But an idea / concept was created which would ascend to the surface another time....

Since then we have all reunited in Sydney again, and a bunch of really good competitors are out there now, we’ve stuck our heads together ,(again), and have tried to build a web site that has more to offer than the other dive log sites out there. Victor and Mario are passionate divers and Jiangti doesn't hate water but he is a big fan of the surface.

We came up with some pretty wicked ideas (so our wives say) and hope to be able to offer our diving buddies, ourselves and maybe even you an exciting way to enjoy a dive even more. Something we are looking forward to most is the Fun Factor created by achievements. The "I lost my buddy badge" is hopefully not the most popular one.

Currently you can only sign up under http://diveary.com but we want to show our first version by the end of November.