Dive logging becomes more fun

While Mario is doing a bad job in Koh Tao (Apparently he is to shy to walk into shops with a little flyer about Diveary), Victor and Jiangti came up with some pretty cool features.

Let's put this in a quick list, so you can see what's new:

  • Notifications
    Whenever someone follows you or logs you as a buddy in a dive, you will be notified. So you don't really have to look for the activities you are involved in on your Diveary homepage.

  • Copy Dive
    Now this is one of our favourites. Whenever someone published a dive you were part of, you now have the opportunity to copy that dive over to your logbook. Meaning less logging work for you, since you might have seen the same critters at the same spot anyway. You only have to adjust your personal notes, your air consumption, weights and so on.

  • Little things
    The devil is in the details. So we also had to fix a bunch of little issues. Facebook just recently changed their API calls, but we had no one to call. Mr Zuckerberg was apparently busy or demanded USD 100 for even reading his emails. Mario was complaining about slow internet, so we gave him a little loading icon whenever his log page is busy loading species or dive sites. Mr Google didn't like our page titles for dives, but we also could satisfy him. And this list goes on and on.... but yeah we are on it and love doing it ;-)

Happy Logging