Diveary - the beginning

In 2008 a guy was caught in a tough situation. He was stuck on a Caribbean Island and forced to go diving everyday. This unavoidable activity allowed him to come up with the idea of Diveary. His inspiration remained dormant until he jumped on a motorbike and travelled around Australia. Diveary (a "dive diary") materialized into a concept while he drove, and Mario found himself with something to act on. While Mario was riding and diving around Australia his two mates from Sydney - Jiangti and Victor - took on the physical work and got their hands dirty with some nerdy coding stuff.

Having 3 different nationalities, none of whom are native English speakers, and one who was fighting dust and sunshine in the outback, the project didn't quite take off. But an idea / concept was created which would ascend to the surface another time....

Since then we have all reunited in Sydney again, and a bunch of really good competitors are out there now, we’ve stuck our heads together ,(again), and have tried to build a web site that has more to offer than the other dive log sites out there. Victor and Mario are passionate divers and Jiangti doesn't hate water but he is a big fan of the surface.

We came up with some pretty wicked ideas (so our wives say) and hope to be able to offer our diving buddies, ourselves and maybe even you an exciting way to enjoy a dive even more. Something we are looking forward to most is the Fun Factor created by achievements. The "I lost my buddy badge" is hopefully not the most popular one.

Currently you can only sign up under http://diveary.com but we want to show our first version by the end of November.