Features in progress

Hi there,

we were able to fix most of the issues that came up during our first week. We are now working on some more features.

  • Profile Link 
    Now you get your unique Nickname on your profile page url (just make sure you set your nickname under settings (Example: http://diveary.com/profile/mario)
  • Emails
    We had some issues, sending out Emails, they went all straight to the spam folder. We integrated an email gateway to make sure we reach our buddies when we tag them in a dive. This is still work in progress, but we are close to drown the spam filters.
  • Notifications 
    This is a feature soon to be released, we want to know if someone tags us in a dive or follows our deep water activities.
  • Dive Log Imports
    Some of us have dive computers and hell yeah we don't want to type in every single dive we did, since it's given in a nice digital format already. This will hopefully be finished early next week and looks good so far. It comes with a fancy little graph which then shows your exact dive profile.
Happy logging....

The imported dive profile data in early stages,...

Notifications in development