New Dive Shop Directory & Dive Shop Data Management as BETA

We have been rather busy over the last weekends and managed to push out new features.

The biggest changes are:

A new dive shop directory

We have a dive shop directory now. Check it out under Scuba divers can now

  • see all dive shops per country
  • view the dive activity of each dive shop 
  • directly contact a dive shop
  • get detailed information on each dive shop
  • simplified dive shop selection on your dive log form

Dive Shop's Data Management

Dive shops can now claim a business and manage their own content on Diveary. This is great for SEO, supports a dive shop's business and helps new dive shops to attract scuba divers. This is currently in beta testing and only selected shops have access to this feature to make sure things work properly before we inform "the whole world".

This upgrade will allow shops to maintain their staff lists, upload pictures, learn about their visitors on Diveary and how many people have logged dives with them. Furthermore, these dive shops can update contact details and their latitude and longitude to display them nicely on their Diveary profile page.

Find some examples here:

Crest Diving Jervis Bay
Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas

Thanks for tuning in.

Happy dive-logging,

Your Team Diveary