Quality takes time

... would be a professional or a political excuse for not delivering Diveary as promised last year. The truth is, that most of us have been on Christmas holidays, back home or on a road trip in Australia and haven't really had time for our precious project. We have collected content though and we can already post this content on Diveary.

We've picked up our work again this year and finished most of our promised features. We currently gave access to the "live" version to selected beta users. Let us know, if you are keen to play with it just yet, even though you might get some emails twice or your tablet version still looks a bit funny and we can set you up. But you might find some bugs -> which is the whole point of it...

Victor and Jiangti are now on fire in regards of programming. Mario is on fire too, but more in a "bush fire" kind of sense. He is making his way to through the desert from Sydney to Port Lincoln to see one of his favourite sharks.

Thank you guys for staying tuned. We will keep you posted. And many thanks to our beta tester team, you guys are annoyingly precise when it come to logging a dive ;-)