Shiny new features

Team Diveary has been busy,

they pushed out some good new features.

Ticked Off
  • SSL - we now finally have the site up and running under a secure connection
  • Login directly from Home screen
  • a new pretty background picture on the homepage
  • daily secure backups to the almighty cloud
  • you can add your dive gear and camera equipment to your profile
Coming Soon

  • Shops will be able to add their dive staff to their Shop on Diveary 
  • Explore dive sites around the world on one big map
  • "Dive Gear management tool"
    We want you to be able to see when a service is necessary and even remind you, that your reg needs some mechanical love
  • get a little more social
    We want you to be able to go for an afternoon dive at your favourite spot and hit up some potential buddies that go diving around that spot regularly