Updates updates updates

New Server, no more mongo db and new badges

We finally managed to run a proper server upgrade and upgraded to a brand new server running the newest lingo and security patches.

Skip this next paragraph if you don't talk nerd 

Not that the old server was at risk, but we had to do this at some stage since PHP 5.5 wasn't supported anymore. Main update was therefore the PHP version bump to 7.1. With this came the removal of Mongo Db, which we used for our user activity feed. But since the upgrade from 5.5 to 7.1 caused a little "cluserlove" in regards to backward compatibility we decided to ditch mongo db, since it's all event driven anyways and we only display 10 user activities at a time on your profile page after login. What does that mean for you ? No changes whatsoever.

Changing location

Most of our users reside in the US, Mexico and Australia so instead of hosting our site in Europe we moved our bits and bobs over to the US. Which means quicker page loads for most of you guys.

New badges are in town

Last but not least we chiselled in some new badges, which the deep diver might enjoy quite enormously. "Captain Nemo", "Submarine Cleaner" and "Crazy Monkey Fish" are just a few of the new badge of badges.

Happy dive logging and badge collecting !