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  1. Dive #373 at Otto's Mistake

    Sun 6, November 2016

    After the dive Lauri says... "Well as a diver you make like 1 to 3 knots, as a great white you probably can go like 35. You do the math. If it really wanted to take a bite, it could have.". Before we actually jump in, we talk about another Great White spotting 2 weeks ago at the Pinnacle. About how Geoff and the boys went down after sighting the 4m to 5m man eater,stayed at the bottom to wait until the waters were clear and about that stiff feeling in their chests after reaching the boat. The probability of seeing a Great White today are thereby close to zero .. in my mind. They just spotted one, we talk about it on the dive boat that we might see one now .. which usually jinx it anyways.So I don't expect much despite a nice Wobbegong and a Port Jackson or if lucky a Grey Nurse Shark (Sand Tiger). I go first and jokingly ask why they send the German first? "You will see!" they shout. 3 minutes into the dive I see the silhouette of Mr White Pointer as a blurry shade not far away from me. I am facing the ocean side and I am not close to rocks nor bottom. Is this a good time for a picture? Naaa not just yet. My first reaction was to swim over to the most experienced diver in our group of 3 and give him a hicky on his calves with a decent panicky pinch and a signal that made it clear to all of the group that a big shark was around. Lauri spotted it now too and we digged our tanks into the wall and watched the graceful predator in aww and put a "P" into our wetsuites. It comes up close, I'd say up to 2 meters. 2 times it comes and dissapears again letting us have a good look at it's strengths and gracefulness. I have done some diving over the years, seen heaps of sharks and I always wished for this to happen, so part of me thinks, this is cool this the best thing that can happen during diving just stay calm at the bottom and enjoy a living dinosaur checking you out. There isn't many divers who have seen a great white in a none cage environment. So my head seems halfwhat there and even manages to take some pics. Make sure you don't look like shark food and don't make any seal noises and you will be just fine. My heart is pounding and in panic, normally people are in cages when they see Great Whites - now this. 2 meters distance - a finstroke away is a 3m long, muscly beast with 300 teeth having any right to take a bite, since we are in it's hood. The head luckily takes over and we continue the dive after Mr Toothtastic dissappears after a couple of minutes and seems to be gone.However the rest of the dive is a crawling experience and we stick to rocks and bottom for the next 40 minutes or so. The safety stop turns into a "tennis match watching" activity and once we step on the boat we are allin a stiff mood. Happy to have seen a great white in it's natural environment, happy to be fully equipped in regards to arms and legs. Veronika goes for another dive, me and Laurie had enough excitement for today and just stay on board and do some storytelling.... "Well as a diver you make like 1 to 3 knots, as a great white you probably can go like 35. ... " What a blast !

  2. Dive #372 at Sakhwa Abu Ghalawa

    Fri 29, January 2016

  3. Dive #371 at Marsa Abu Galawa

    Fri 29, January 2016

  4. Dive #370 at El Fanous West

    Thu 28, January 2016

    2 eagle rays

  5. Dive #369 at El Fanous East

    Thu 28, January 2016

  6. Dive #368 at El Mina Wreck

    Thu 28, January 2016

  7. Dive #366 at Erg Abu Ramada

    Wed 27, January 2016

    We started of at a hot spring a bit east of the actual site. They have spotted White Tip Sharks over there in a little cave, however they were out shopping. However the hot spring got the water temperature up to 25-26 degrees. Very nice. On the way over to the bommies a huge Eagle Ray passed our way.

  8. Dive #365 at Gota Abu Ramada

    Tue 26, January 2016

    Barracudas chasing tunas and a free swimming Moray eel.

  9. Dive #364 at Police Station

    Tue 26, January 2016

    Beautiful spot. Great visibility. Massive fans on 23 m

  10. Dive #363 at Shaab Sabina

    Mon 25, January 2016

    Beautiful and shy baby lion fish at the end

  11. Dive #362 at Torfa Ben El Gebel

    Mon 25, January 2016

    Absolutely stunning. The Red sea took me by surprise.

  12. Never saw that many turtles on one dive

  13. Dive #360 at Dibba Rock

    Thu 26, November 2015

    I was surprised by the amount of fish and rays this site had to offer after being escorted through 200km of desert.

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