"Spinytufted frogfish" has been discovered on these dives

  • Alon Manker / Jepun

    Fri 20, January 2012

    Another great dive with heaps of marine species! Saw and waved hello to the "Odyssey" tourist submarine as it passed by us Instructor: Aan

  • Andrea Jou / Chapel

    Sun 30, January 2011

    Very nice experience because we saw 3 different scenarios: wall reef of almost 60m deep, garden reef and sand reef. Saw leaf fish, scorpion fish, small shrimps, clown fish, pipe fish, mangrove jack, yellow frong fish and 2 turtles.

  • Andrea Jou / Pescador Island

    Fri 28, January 2011

    Dive around the other half of the island with hips of marine fish like lion fish, clown fish, frog fish, lots of yellow and blue fish... Saw lot of sardines around, 7 barracudas and my first turtle!!

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