"Plumed scorpionfish" has been discovered on these dives

  • Randy Brent / Los Arcos

    Sun 14, March 2010

  • jack Sapseid / paradise

    Tue 21, June 2016

  • jack Sapseid / paradise

    Tue 21, June 2016

  • jack Sapseid / paridise

    Tue 14, June 2016

  • Chad Brooks / Star Gerren

    Fri 8, July 2016

    Wreck dive w reef after. Just me, Robin and one Dutch marine. Robin killed two lionfish we are after. Ran out of air. Had first stage pop on boat so started w low air. Started hunting lionfish at 250 psi!

  • Nitrox 27%

  • Andrea Jou / Veligandu North

    Thu 2, August 2012

    We enjoyed a very nice wall reef with plenty of more eels. This spot is famous for honeycomb moray. We say plenty of giant moray, honeycomb moray and yellow-edge eels. In total we saw around 20 moray. Apart from that we spotted a big lobster inside a cave, several white tip sharks, a grey shark and 2 lion fish. Nice and different dive. Very Happy.

  • Andrea Jou / Maya Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

    Very nice dive in a smaller Thila of coral reef. It was like a small mountain all covered bu colorful coral and hips of tropical fishes. We spotted some grey sharks, white tip sharks swimming all around. Some of the sharks were sleeping under the coral. Lion fish, eels, and a marble sting ray. Very nice! It was a nice dive but I was grounded for swimming in front of the dive master.

  • Andrea Jou / Rock Point

    Sat 1, January 2011

    Really good experience to do a reef dive with current because you only watch it without swimming. The second part was nice a coral garden with plenty of fish, lion fish, jacks, yellow tailed fish and several sea snakes.

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