"Stingray" has been discovered on these dives

  • johnny Dobbs / alanya wreck

    Mon 17, April 2017

  • Christian Vetter / Fish Rock

    Mon 13, March 2017

    Visibility seemed to improve every minute. We spotted 2 hammerheads from the boat while waiting for our second dive. Unfortunately, they were gone when we went back in the water. In the cave, there was the largest turtle I have ever seen. Also, another turtle left the cave swimming just 10cm above my head. There was a giant sting-ray at the far bottom. We entered the cave from the deep side, "climbed" up the chimney and left on the shallow end. I dumped my air a bit too early and therefore needed too much air to climb the chimney. Again 32% Nitrox mixture.

  • Richard Rognlie / Cabrits

    Sun 18, September 2016

    Long dive focused navigation really focusing on compass to get bearings on multiple points at coconut Beach reef with Ynoga Sea.

  • Chad Brooks / Star Gerren

    Fri 8, July 2016

    Wreck dive w reef after. Just me, Robin and one Dutch marine. Robin killed two lionfish we are after. Ran out of air. Had first stage pop on boat so started w low air. Started hunting lionfish at 250 psi!

  • niels lassner / el ecuera

    Wed 3, September 2014

  • Clean Up Dive for Clean Up Australia Day

  • Amie Benge / Hole in the Wall

    Tue 31, December 2013

  • Amie Benge / Shelly Beach

    Wed 19, February 2014

  • Xavi Peña / Bare Island

    Sat 8, February 2014

  • Fernando Munoz / Shelly Beach

    Thu 13, January 2011

    Great first night dive, awesome experience. Had a bit of problem with orientation without day light, felt a bit lost. Marta couldn´t go deeper because BCD was not working, so the instructor went with her at the surface and Edu, Victor and me were at the bottom lost. Saw a wobbeygong shar, sting rays and some cuttle fish. Good first time.

  • Fernando Munoz / Shark Rock

    Sat 8, December 2012

    Much better dive than the previous one. We saw a curious creature with the back of a shark and the front of a colorful stingray (shovel nose shark). Also saw a big octopus, two eels, a few old wives and some more stingrays. The water was very cold...

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