"Northern sennet" has been discovered on these dives

  • Mario Herrmann / Sail Rock

    Sat 25, August 2018

    We got a little lost at the beginning but then found the cubicles at 30 m. Heaps of yellow fish down there. No Whaleshark today ...

  • Mario Herrmann / Sail Rock

    Sat 25, August 2018

    Joe the business owner took me out and pointed out some nic things.

  • Carlos / Keepsake

    Wed 20, July 2016

    Nitrox: 33%

  • Viv Thompson / Koh Bida Nok

    Thu 8, February 2018

    Another phenomenal dive with rhe same crowd. Saw the reef shark and stumbled on a Hawksbill turtle 🐢

  • First dive out on a wreck. First time seeing a shark outside of a tank which was kind of nerve racking but cool at the same time. Sharks left the divers alone which made me change my outlook on sharks. I never knew that the water on the coast of NC could be so clear as well.

  • Viv Thompson / Um El-Faroud

    Fri 28, August 2015

    Adventure Deep dive on El-Faroud, Raul and his Spanish friend. Brilliant penetration dive into all areas of the wreck. Saw large shawl of barracudas (approx 50-60) and a large pile of Fire Worms, must be mating season and were in a mating frenzy. Started with 220 bar of air and finished with 90 bar. Raül, Mayumi + 1

  • Randy Brent / Playa Del Carmen

    Mon 25, November 2013

  • Randy Brent / Sabalos Reef

    Thu 18, March 2010

  • Randy Brent / Punta Tunich

    Tue 16, March 2010

  • Randy Brent / Santa Rosa Wall

    Fri 23, November 2007

    First time in Cozumel, deepest i have ever gone.

  • Randy Brent / Barracuda Reef

    Tue 20, November 2007

  • Randy Brent / Playa Del Carmen

    Sat 27, November 2004

    First dive with Phantom Divers in Playa Del Carmen and first dive with cory. We dove with Sergio.

  • Amie Benge / Batu Kelebit

    Mon 3, August 2015


  • Mario Herrmann / Gota Abu Ramada

    Tue 26, January 2016

    Barracudas chasing tunas and a free swimming Moray eel.

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