"White spotted parrotfish" has been discovered on these dives

  • First dive in salt water. I feel I can fly. Bloddy mask always leaking water from the bottom.

  • short dive for practice ... cleaning mask, taking it off, try no to swallow water, decompression and what not.

  • Amazing the amount of fish life in this beach. I'd never guessed there where so many tropical fish around this parts. I was too exited on this one, I manage to make 220 bar of air disappear in 50 minutes. Heaps of fun though.

  • Meggy Fichtner / Shelly Beach

    Sun 31, March 2013

    short dive for practice ... cleaning glasses, swallowing saltwater, hair in our face ... typical skills ...

  • Meggy Fichtner / Shelly Beach

    Sun 31, March 2013

    Today it was a bit cloudy and visibility only 5-8 meters but still a good day to learn and find more new fish species.

  • Meggy Fichtner / Shelly Beach

    Sat 30, March 2013

    First dive! not much to compare yet but already amazing! more to come!

  • Andrea Jou / Terrigal Haven

    Sun 25, March 2012

    ADVANCE COURSE Naturalist skills. Spotted several fishes and wrote them in the tablet. A big big school of yellow tails, blue grouper male and female, crimson-banded wrasse male and female, white ear scalyfin baned goat fish, bannerfish, long pike

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