"Oceanic white-tip shark" has been discovered on these dives

  • Victor Garcia / Tennis Courts

    Sat 19, April 2014

  • Victor Garcia / Coral Gardens

    Sun 20, April 2014

  • Fernando Munoz / Pigeon Wall

    Sat 19, March 2011

    Very colourful and healthy wall, perfect conditions. One white tip shark and on silver tip shark, this one very curious and started swimming around me. Lots of fish, but nothing too big.

  • Victor Garcia / Ohotu

    Thu 25, July 2013

    First dive in Fakarava. Amazing corals and so much fish around. A few white tip sharks and lots of grey reef sharks. We've seen a lot of fish getting cleaned by smaller fish, the most spectacular being the unicorn fish, who changes colour completely when being serviced. There were also big tunas swimming in the blue. Couple of big napoleons and a small moray eel.

  • Victor Garcia / Ohotu

    Fri 26, July 2013

    For this dive we got in way further from the pass, where the current was much softer. The corals in this area were breathtaking and the life so rich as well. Lots of grey sharks and a couple of white tips. We saw a juvenile yellowtail corion, super small and red and white in color. A few eels, some tunas and at the very end we spotted two eagle rays playing at the edge of the reef. Also some schools of big fish such as jacks and barracudas and s couple of milkfish.

  • Very windy and a bit rough. The first part of the dive the visibility was not great and there was no much action going on, but as we went on things started to improve. At first we saw a few sharks (grey reef and white tips) and some schools of jacks. Towards the end we've seen three manta rays and a school of barracudas.

  • Victor Garcia / Maiuru

    Sat 27, July 2013

    We descended and were quickly surrounded by three grey reef sharks who were a bit nervous with their lateral fins pointing downwards. Once they calmed down they left and we continued. Beautiful coral gardens where we spotted some small stuff such as nudibranchs and crabs hiding in the corals. Also in the blue some tunas and a few more sharks (gray, white tip)

  • Amie Benge / North Horn

    Sat 7, April 2012

  • I got an enormous cut while trying to get rid of doctor fish eating my hair the are called doctor fish for a reason... razor sharp fins

  • the shark dive with beqa http://fijisharkdive.com/diving/shark-diving/the-shark-dive put a video up here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV0PDGMKsDo

  • Andrea Jou / Veligandu North

    Fri 3, August 2012

    AT 6am on the morning we woke up to go diving and spot hammer heads, but unfortunately we couldn't see any. The visibility was great, more than 20m and the plancton was really bright. The sensation was like being in the sky or the space. We saw few big sharks grey and white tip and a ballfish and a napoleon fish just before going up. Happy anyway!

  • Andrea Jou / Hafza Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

    Amazing dive. Lots and lots of white tip shark, some sleeping and some just swimming. Spotted some grey sharks as well going around, lion fish, clown fish and lots of tropical fish. Really really good dive.

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