"Silky shark" has been discovered on these dives

  • An early morning dive to try to spot hammerheads. We had no luck but the dive was quite beautiful. The plancton was so bright and we saw a huge sailfish and a few sharks. We also spotted a very big napoleon. It was funny how the unicorn fish would swim around our heads playing with the bubbles.

  • This wall dive is famous for the big variety of moray eels that can be found, the most famous of them being the honeycomb moray. Apart from those we also saw some yellow-edged morays and a few giant morays. All together we have seen over 20 moray eels. We also spotted a big lobster and a couple of lionfishes, and of course, the usual dose of maldivian reef sharks, a constant in all our dives :)

  • Victor Garcia / Maaya Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

    Smaller thila that the previous one. More or less same life. We saw some biger sharks and a big puffer fish. Also a huge marble stingray.

  • Victor Garcia / Hafza Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

    Such an amazing dive! Lots of sharks (white tip and gray reef), scorpion fishes, moray eels, lionfish, huge tunas, ... We did a loop to the thila and then stayed in the plateau watching all the coral life. There were several sharks sleeping under corals.

  • Victor Garcia / Madivaru

    Tue 31, July 2012

    Amazing dive all together. We started in a sandy area and I proposed to Andrea!! She said YES!! :-) We were surrounded by white tip sharks and we saw a turtle shortly after. Then we continued along the wall where we saw some gray reef sharks and lots more tropical fish. It was such a perfect dive!

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