"Silver-tip shark" has been discovered on these dives

  • Primera Inmersion En Maldivas con Isa

  • Fernando Munoz / Pigeon Wall

    Sat 19, March 2011

    Very colourful and healthy wall, perfect conditions. One white tip shark and on silver tip shark, this one very curious and started swimming around me. Lots of fish, but nothing too big.

  • Wreck of a Japanese cargo boat, very good conditions and plenty of fish. Saw two silver tip sharks and an amazing Christmas crab. Also weird nudibranches that looked more like worms. Beautiful dive, although with a major problem with my mask in the beginning, had to change it underwater.

  • Greg Dietz / Pizion Reef

    Thu 4, April 2013

  • Greg Dietz / Black Magic Mountain

    Wed 15, September 2010

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