"Sand tiger shark" has been discovered on these dives

  • Ian Beale / Spanish Anchor

    Sun 6, August 2017

  • We drifted from Reggae Cave to North-East Pinnacles. I reduced my weight a little. Still a bit too much though.

  • Christian Vetter / Aliwal Shoal

    Wed 11, February 2015

    The dive location was Channel towards North Sands. Otherwise similar to the dive before. Still much over-weighted.

  • Christian Vetter / Aliwal Shoal

    Wed 11, February 2015

    The exact location is called South Sands. In addition to the tagged species, there was an abundant amount of rays. For my 3mm suit, the 8kg of weight was way to much.

  • First dive out on a wreck. First time seeing a shark outside of a tank which was kind of nerve racking but cool at the same time. Sharks left the divers alone which made me change my outlook on sharks. I never knew that the water on the coast of NC could be so clear as well.

  • Victor Garcia / Fish Rock

    Fri 3, April 2015

  • My birthday Poder celebrar un nuevo cumpleaños en un nuevo Continente es un verdadero lujo, si además es haciendo lo que más me gusta junto a la persona que más me gusta entonces ya ni te digo!! Gracias Mixtah por hacer de mi vida una aventura inolvidable.

  • Con la Gopro no se aprecia bien lo cerca que llegaron a estar algunos de ellos debido al gran angular, pero os aseguro que intercambié con alguno miradas directas a sus ojos que quitan el hipo!! Menuda descarga de adrenalina. Vaya pasada de bichos.

  • Great dive playing with fur seals, wobbegong shark, banjo shark and one great nurse shark.

  • Rich Schulok / Georgia Aquarium

    Sat 29, November 2008

    Incredible experience, Journey with Gentle Giants. 4 whale sharks. Buddies: Devan, Wanda and Will

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