"Lionfish" has been discovered on these dives

  • Amie Benge / Buceo

    Sun 15, May 2016


  • Richard Rognlie / Douglas Point

    Thu 22, September 2016

    Douglas Bay Deep Lionfish hunt.

  • Lionfish hunt with Olan and Kayla. Douglas Bay Deep. Practice buoyancy control while hunting lionfish and also navigation lead.

  • Lionfish hunting round two for the day. Saw lobsters left lobsters. Plenty of beautiful fish. Had a nice lionfish grill up afterwards. Got Zika shortly after and was down for a week and a half.

  • Mario Herrmann / Erg Abu Ramada

    Wed 27, January 2016

    We started of at a hot spring a bit east of the actual site. They have spotted White Tip Sharks over there in a little cave, however they were out shopping. However the hot spring got the water temperature up to 25-26 degrees. Very nice. On the way over to the bommies a huge Eagle Ray passed our way.

  • Greg Dietz / Lartington

    Mon 26, June 2006

  • Xavi Peña / Viking Cave

    Thu 17, May 2012

  • Specific site: Turtleneck Dive depth and duration are approximations only, instructor's dive computer malfunctioned Again, PLENTY of different marine life! Instructor: Aan

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