"Resident manta ray" has been discovered on these dives

  • Viv Thompson / Manta Point

    Wed 12, November 2003

    Open Water Dive. Ocean Pro at Lilly Beach Maldives. Current Tissue Code: A - Surfacing Code: N. On the way to the divesite we were told to grab our fins and masks and enter the water, once we did we saw a beautiful Whaleshark gracefully feeding, it soon got sick of us and dived to the depths. Lots of very beautiful sea life, White Topped Reef Sharks, Lobsters Manta Rays and many more of all the colours of the rainbow. For the Maldives, 8 kg weight is not enough. 10 kg for next dive. Ahmed Atheef and Fareed

  • Kevin Powell / Hanauma Bay

    Tue 14, May 2013

    Awesome Dive

  • Kevin Powell / Pier

    Tue 7, May 2013

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