"Humphead wrasse" has been discovered on these dives

  • Keep a close eye out for sleeping turtles, crustaceans & the occasional reef shark!

  • Nitrox 31 %. Coral glass shrimp. Ardeadoris Egretta Nudibranch. Shark. Napoleon Wrasse. Anemone Shrimp. Martens Berthalena Pleurobranchus. Good reef - colour and sponges! Giant Barracuda. Huge barrel sponges. Buddy - Tony

  • 31% Nitrox. Overweighted. Rock Mover Wrasse. Pipehorse I haven't seen before. Nudi's. Juvenile Batfish. Clownfish. Anemone Shrimp. Mooray. many leaf fish of diffrent colours. Blenny. Lionfish. Squat Lobster. Whip Gobies. Buddy - Tony.

  • Much better conditions than the previous dive. As soon as we got in the water we bumped into a school of barracudas and soon after we started hearing the sounds of dolphins. We saw a manta ray quite deep and then we saw the dolphin playing with it. It then approached us and played with Andrea for a while. After that we saw a couple more and another manta. We've also seen a big group of napoleons hunting and a moray eel swimming around. We finished the dive in the beautiful coral garden inside the pass.

  • Andrea Jou / Ohotu

    Thu 25, July 2013

    First dive in Fakarava. Amazing corals and so much fish around. A few white tip sharks and lots of grey reef sharks. We've seen a lot of fish getting cleaned by smaller fish, the most spectacular being the unicorn fish, who changes colour completely when being serviced. There were also big tunas swimming in the blue. Couple of big napoleons and a small moray eel.

  • Andrea Jou / Ohotu

    Fri 26, July 2013

    We dropped off and soon were ware of the strong current towards the pass. We drifted our way towards the pass and when we were close enough we started our way back crawling on the reef. Again a few sharks and napoleons and lots of small fish. Not a super nice dive due to the strong current but still it's good to have one of these once in a while to gain expertise.

  • Andrea Jou / Maiuru

    Sat 27, July 2013

    The landscape in this dive was a few canyons of coral that had sandy areas in the valleys. In this sandy areas we've seen some very small nudibranchs and a shy shrimp coming out of its cave in the sand. Also some big sea cucumbers, one of them had a tiny crab cleaning it, the size of half a nail. In terms of big things, the usual dose of sharks, napoleons and tunas.

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