"Pennant coralfish" has been discovered on these dives

  • Viv Thompson / Hin Muang

    Fri 9, February 2018

    Dived into this water garden named Hin Muang, one hour out from Koh Lantra in a very fast speed boat. Mayumi 305022, me, lee and Marco.

  • Very nice navigation dive, the orientation was better this time and saw lots of nice corals. The dive started shallow and then went deeper. Saw clown fish, mooree eel, gold angelfish, yellow tail fusilier, blue spotted fantail ray, school of black surgeon fish, bird wrasse and scissor tail sergeant.

  • Victor Garcia / Petaj

    Fri 18, April 2014

  • Amie Benge / Coral Garden

    Mon 2, April 2012

  • Sarah Blanc / Sail Rock

    Fri 28, December 2012

    Fun Dive with Anders

  • Patrick Mooloo / White Rock

    Tue 15, January 2013

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