"Lion Fish" has been discovered on these dives

  • Alexia Jou / Maaya Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

  • Alexia Jou / Hafza Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

  • Alexia Jou / Caves

    Tue 31, July 2012

  • Andrea Jou / Rasdhoo

    Fri 3, August 2012

    Rasdhoo is a very famous diving spot very close to Kuramati Island. We spotted a turtle and I swam with her for a few meters, very exciting. Saw some sharks, tropical fish, clown fish and lion fish. Maldives, I love it!

  • Andrea Jou / Maya Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

    Very nice dive in a smaller Thila of coral reef. It was like a small mountain all covered bu colorful coral and hips of tropical fishes. We spotted some grey sharks, white tip sharks swimming all around. Some of the sharks were sleeping under the coral. Lion fish, eels, and a marble sting ray. Very nice! It was a nice dive but I was grounded for swimming in front of the dive master.

  • Andrea Jou / Hafza Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

    Amazing dive. Lots and lots of white tip shark, some sleeping and some just swimming. Spotted some grey sharks as well going around, lion fish, clown fish and lots of tropical fish. Really really good dive.

  • Andrea Jou / Caves

    Tue 31, July 2012

    First dive diving in the Maldives. We swam along a coral wall with several caves at 20 and 25 meters. Really astonishing black tips sharks, lion fish, eels, trumpet fish, clown fish and a lot more tropical fish. Very very nice dive but next time will need 1 more kg because at the end I was buoyant.

  • Andrea Jou / Rock Point

    Sat 1, January 2011

    Really good experience to do a reef dive with current because you only watch it without swimming. The second part was nice a coral garden with plenty of fish, lion fish, jacks, yellow tailed fish and several sea snakes.

  • Victor Garcia / Bodugaa

    Sat 4, August 2012

    Very nice wall dive. The highlight has been a huge manta ray! The first one the instructor has seen in four months so we have been super lucky! We also saw a big school of yellow snapper, a juvenile box fish (yellow with black dots), lots of morays and lion fishes and a porcupine fish. Nice and long dive!

  • Victor Garcia / Rasdhoo

    Fri 3, August 2012

    Very nice dive with great coral gardens and lots of marine life. We've seen some very nice lion fishes, napoleons and some moray eels. The highlight of the dive has been a turtle that has been swimming with us for quite a long time!

  • This wall dive is famous for the big variety of moray eels that can be found, the most famous of them being the honeycomb moray. Apart from those we also saw some yellow-edged morays and a few giant morays. All together we have seen over 20 moray eels. We also spotted a big lobster and a couple of lionfishes, and of course, the usual dose of maldivian reef sharks, a constant in all our dives :)

  • Victor Garcia / Hafza Thila

    Wed 1, August 2012

    Such an amazing dive! Lots of sharks (white tip and gray reef), scorpion fishes, moray eels, lionfish, huge tunas, ... We did a loop to the thila and then stayed in the plateau watching all the coral life. There were several sharks sleeping under corals.

  • Victor Garcia / Caves

    Tue 31, July 2012

    First dive in the Maldives! We went along a nice wall with several holes in it. There was lots of life: black tip sharks, lion fish, eels... The dive ended in a beautiful coral garden with lots and lots of tropical fish.

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