"Turtle" has been discovered on these dives

  • John Cousins / Big Brother

    Sun 21, June 2009

    Nitrox 32%

  • Jason Koo / Tanjung Tokong

    Wed 30, April 2014

    Rental camera - underwater photographing Discover multiple nudi branch. sea turtle, big tivoli and black sweeper fish.

  • Jason Koo / Tanjung Tokong

    Tue 29, April 2014

    Saw big green sea turtle with few remora surrounding it White eye moray eel. Underwater photographing. Saw 2 tiger cowrie sitting hole on the wall.

  • Jason Koo / Mak cantik

    Wed 18, April 2012

    Discovery 2 4 feet long giant sting ray Sea turtle and Pencil fish

  • Andrea Jou / Gordon's Mooring

    Sat 19, April 2014

    I am very happy we did this dive as a guided dive. Jumped on the water and spotted a grey reef shark, then went through the gates again and directly to Brians cave (where the turtle of 5m sleeps). How amazing is to see such a big turtle. Then spotted another turtle (nick) swimming around. Continued the dive and saw a lion fish, a sea star and at the end 10 sharks around the boat. JUST AMAZING!!!!!

  • Andrea Jou / Gordons Mooring

    Sat 19, April 2014

    This dive site is also known as Mickey Mouse for the instructors. We jumped from the boat and went through the gates to make the orientation easier. At the beginning of the dive had some trouble with the left ear, didn't equalize! Spotted 3 turtles swimming around and eating, colorful clams and 2 white tip sharks, then went through a hole and got a bit lost. Saw a huge cuttle fish and start swimming left getting far from the boat. Had to go a bit of swimming at the end.

  • Andrea Jou / The Whale

    Sat 19, April 2014

    Incredible first dive at 7.30am on the morning, just before breakfast. At the beginning of the dive we went deep and dived around the whale (that is called like this because of the waves movement on the surface), the orientation was easy but at the end we got a bit lost and ended at the mushroom where we started the dive the day before. from there we were capable to find the boat.

  • Very nice coral all around, it was the first dive without instructor, diving with our own compass. Nice colorful coral, seen some groupers, morish idol, turtle, parrot fish and lots more. First dive in the GREAT BARRIER REEF.

  • Andrea Jou / Anemone City

    Sat 13, July 2013

    We went down and encountered a super friendly turtle that played with us for a while. We kept on going deeper surrounded by black tip sharks and then we started to see a few lemon sharks pretty big. They disappeared for most of the dive and towards the end we saw another one. We also saw a few lion fish and a big barracuda just near the surface when we got in.