"Морски костенурки" has been discovered on these dives

  • Sjaak Smeele / San Pedro Wreck

    Sun 15, January 2017

    Second dive for advanced training course. Went down above the Yo-257 shipwreck and the swam across to the San Pedro wreck. Saw lots of marine life including a large sea turtle.

  • jack Sapseid / paradise

    Tue 21, June 2016

  • Marco Jüttner / Turtle Traffic

    Sun 3, February 2013

  • Marco Jüttner / Sea Wall Garden

    Sat 2, February 2013

  • Marco Jüttner / Leo Point

    Thu 31, January 2013

  • Andrea Jou / Rasdhoo

    Fri 3, August 2012

    Rasdhoo is a very famous diving spot very close to Kuramati Island. We spotted a turtle and I swam with her for a few meters, very exciting. Saw some sharks, tropical fish, clown fish and lion fish. Maldives, I love it!

  • Victor Garcia / Rasdhoo

    Fri 3, August 2012

    Very nice dive with great coral gardens and lots of marine life. We've seen some very nice lion fishes, napoleons and some moray eels. The highlight of the dive has been a turtle that has been swimming with us for quite a long time!

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