"Nudibranchs" has been discovered on these dives

  • This time we went down to go through Fish Rock's famous cave. It was absolutely unreal! The cave was full of wobbegong sharks. We went up the chimney and bumped into a huge turtle that was feeding itself there. We also spot some lobsters, eels and nudibranches. We finished the dive going up the slope with a big school of small yellow fish. At the end of the dive we were surrounded by batfish while doing our safety stop.

  • Xavi Peña / The Waterfall

    Sun 5, December 0010

  • Xavi Peña / Old Mans Hat

    Sun 5, December 2010

  • Specific site: Turtleneck Dive depth and duration are approximations only, instructor's dive computer malfunctioned Again, PLENTY of different marine life! Instructor: Aan

  • Alon Manker / Jepun

    Fri 20, January 2012

    Another great dive with heaps of marine species! Saw and waved hello to the "Odyssey" tourist submarine as it passed by us Instructor: Aan

  • Amazing dive! HEAPS of different marine species, excellent visibility! Instructor: Aan

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