"Sepija" has been discovered on these dives

  • Sue pointed out so many things it was really hard to keep up. Most impressive were these giant cuttle fish... enormous.. There was no holding back considering the lengths of this dive... And I felt so sorry since it wasn't my wetsuit ...

  • Carlos / Playa Chica

    Sun 20, May 2018

    Nitrox: 32.7%

  • Viv Thompson / Hms Maori

    Fri 1, September 2017

    Very enjoyable dive, number two of my night diving course. Abigail and Mikela led two teams of three divers..

  • Viv Thompson / Tug Boats

    Wed 17, August 2016

    Dive on Tug boats, Dianne's first dive since completing her open water course. Dive master was Joaquin Riuz-Gimenez Piug #3461. Dianne, Marco plus two other divers

  • Viv Thompson / Fingernail Island

    Fri 15, January 2016

    Dived of Nail island or Fingernail Island, sea life is amazing in this area with huge cuttlefish (much larger than I've seen in Malta). The coral was very varied in many different colours an shapes. Largest worms I've ever seen up to 1 metre in length. The dive teal were from UK, Germany, Holland and the dive master/leader did not speak so no one knows where he is from. He got us lost on three occasions and had to surface to ascertain our heading Bach to the boat. Apart from the unprofessional leader the dive was pleasant due to the sea life. Red Ricer Divers stated and documented that tgeywere affiliated to PADI but we're only using the name to get customers.

  • Andrea Jou / Gordons Mooring

    Sat 19, April 2014

    This dive site is also known as Mickey Mouse for the instructors. We jumped from the boat and went through the gates to make the orientation easier. At the beginning of the dive had some trouble with the left ear, didn't equalize! Spotted 3 turtles swimming around and eating, colorful clams and 2 white tip sharks, then went through a hole and got a bit lost. Saw a huge cuttle fish and start swimming left getting far from the boat. Had to go a bit of swimming at the end.

  • Clean Up Dive for Clean Up Australia Day

  • Clean Up Dive for Clean Up Australia Day

  • Amie Benge / The Ovens

    Sun 1, December 2013

    Search & Recovery Course Dive 4

  • From 4 dives the first in the morning, new location but no good visibility and surge.

  • Andrew Blake / The Steps

    Sun 31, March 2013

    DM with group of 8. Pretty big swell getting in and out which made getting beginners in and out on the rocks "interesting". Found some nice critters which was good fun.

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