"Octopus" has been discovered on these dives

  • Aya Thompson / Zonqor Point

    Tue 19, September 2017

    Underwater navigation with Abigail Borg. Enjoyed the dive after the training. We saw octopus squirting ink and swimming at Abi in his attempt to escape. We saw 1 small sea eel and 1 quite a large one with yellowish colour. I saw some 15cm width crabs that almost looked like a spider in the sea. With some yellow tinge in the mid legs. Calm sea and enjoyable dive.

  • Superb dive, visited the Madonna in the cave.

  • Viv Thompson / Tug Boats

    Thu 24, August 2017

    PADI Night Diver Course, fantastic experience. Dived with Abigail. Lots of Sealife as photos above.

  • Viv Thompson / Hms Maori

    Wed 16, October 2002

    Course Complete. Open Water 4. Current Tissue Code: B, Surfacing Code: G. Avis 10-15 Mtrs. Final 2 exercises, Full mask Flood and off. Hover test then dived on wreck of old Frigate HMS Mauuri. lots of Flying Gurnards and Octopus, very pleasant dive with no problems. Instructor: Dave Wilson #605783

  • niels lassner / otus

    Tue 11, August 1998

    beutifull nightdive.

  • Jason Koo / Sandy Bottom

    Thu 19, April 2012

    First Sandy Bottom dive with william. classic and cool dive site. Discover octopus, cleaning shrimp at cleaning station - play with shrimp with putting hand to let them clean up. Discover mantis shrimp and black hairy crabs. See william playing with one sea shell eating one black hairy sea creatures.

  • Amie Benge / Quarantine Station

    Sun 19, January 2014

    Divemaster Course

  • Amie Benge / Octopus Reef

    Wed 11, July 2007

  • Sally Clout / Old Mans Hat

    Sat 19, February 2011

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