"Sixbar rockcod" has been discovered on these dives

  • Kevin Powell / Ben's Cavern

    Sun 23, June 2019

  • Lee Thompson / Hms Maori

    Fri 15, September 2017

  • Aya Thompson / Hms Maori

    Fri 15, September 2017

    Bigger tank. Struggled to find my centre and to keep a good buoyancy.

  • Viv Thompson / P29 Wreck

    Tue 22, August 2017

    Beautiful dive on the P29, large moray eel and quite a large stingray. Second dive on Nitrox and it's my new preferred way to dive, I am energized after each dive.

  • First dive out on a wreck. First time seeing a shark outside of a tank which was kind of nerve racking but cool at the same time. Sharks left the divers alone which made me change my outlook on sharks. I never knew that the water on the coast of NC could be so clear as well.

  • First Dive as an Open water certified Diver.

  • open water dive number 4. this is the final training dive for open water.

  • Third open water dive.

  • Second open water dive. Better visibility than the day before. Much more species of fish were seen this time.

  • Viv Thompson / Velagali

    Sun 16, November 2003

    Open Water Dive on the beautiful Atoll, a fantastic dive. lots of very large and colourful fish such as Grouper. Current Tissue Code: A. - Surfacing Code: S 8 kg perfect weight Viz 16-18 Mtrs. Dive Master: Sara Weekers #622315

  • Ian Beale / Lighthouse Wall

    Sun 28, August 2016

  • niels lassner / Oostvoornse Meer

    Sat 20, September 2014

    Advanced training course -Boyency -Navigation

  • Amie Benge / Pinnacle Rock

    Sat 7, July 2007

  • Amie Benge / Kidrak

    Wed 11, July 2007

    Deep Speciality

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