"Striped eel catfish" has been discovered on these dives

  • Viv Thompson / Fingernail Island

    Fri 15, January 2016

    Dived of Nail island or Fingernail Island, sea life is amazing in this area with huge cuttlefish (much larger than I've seen in Malta). The coral was very varied in many different colours an shapes. Largest worms I've ever seen up to 1 metre in length. The dive teal were from UK, Germany, Holland and the dive master/leader did not speak so no one knows where he is from. He got us lost on three occasions and had to surface to ascertain our heading Bach to the boat. Apart from the unprofessional leader the dive was pleasant due to the sea life. Red Ricer Divers stated and documented that tgeywere affiliated to PADI but we're only using the name to get customers.

  • Amie Benge / Centurion

    Thu 16, January 2014

    Divemaster Course - Continuing Education Dive - Advanced Course Night Dive Carrying additional weight for students.

  • Victor Garcia / Terrigal Haven

    Sat 14, January 2012

    Shore dive in Terrigal. We've seen a huge bull ray, a few groupers, a very big octopus, stingrays, a cat fish and schools of small fish. Short dive and very poor visibility at some point.

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