"Greasy grouper" has been discovered on these dives

  • Mario Herrmann / Sail Rock

    Sat 25, August 2018

    Joe the business owner took me out and pointed out some nic things.

  • Andrea Jou / Tennis Court

    Sat 19, April 2014

    We start the dive just under the boat and the first thing we see is a white tip shark, amazing. Afterwards found some interesting coral fish, honeycomb cod, red bass, buterfly fish, nemo, a blue spotted ray and a cod opening teh big mouth with teeth. AT the end of the dive we went to do a tour on the tennis court and saw a huge clam of 110 years old.

  • Very nice coral all around, it was the first dive without instructor, diving with our own compass. Nice colorful coral, seen some groupers, morish idol, turtle, parrot fish and lots more. First dive in the GREAT BARRIER REEF.

  • Victor Garcia / Tennis Courts

    Sat 19, April 2014

  • Was similar to the 14th dive. saw a large barramundi Cod and of yours Nemo and got to touch the anemone and some seacucumbers. I liked the Clams as they where so colorful and opened and closed in a rush. This time we hung on to the boat and got pulled back through the water =). lots of fun! My buddy was Jens Horn and my Instructor Jackson ...

  • Agnes Billberg / Sail Rock

    Wed 14, November 2012

    Bullsharks at Sail Rock, lovely!

  • Sarah Blanc / Sail Rock

    Fri 28, December 2012

    Fun Dive with Anders

  • Agnes Billberg / Chumpon Pinnacle

    Mon 24, December 2012

    Whale shark on Christmas morning, what more could you ask for?

  • AAAAAAAAAwwwweeeesome dive, awesome whalesharks and awesome students :-)

  • Patrick Mooloo / Chumpon Pinnacle

    Thu 22, November 2012

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