Bentfin devil ray

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Scientific Name:

Mobula thurstoni (Lloyd, 1908)

Common Names:

Bentfin devil ray, Bentfin devilray, Devil ray, Lesser devil ray, Manta, Mobula, Smooth tail devil ray, Smooth-tail mobula, Smoothtail mobula, Thurton’s devil ray, smoothtail devil ray

More about this critter:

Occurs in coastal and oceanic waters, but more common near the coast (Ref. 9256). Found singly or in small groups (Ref. 12951). Feeds mainly on planktonic crustaceans (Ref. 12951); mostly small shrimp-like animals (Ref.58048). Ovoviviparous (Ref. 50449). Caught occasionally in the tuna gillnet and in harpoon fisheries. Utilized for its gill filter plates (high value), meat, cartilage and skin (Ref.58048). Can leap out of the water.

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