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Scientific Name:

Mobula japanica (Müller and Henle, 1841)

Common Names:

Devilray, Devil ray, Japanese devil ray, Japanese devilray, Longhorned mobula, Manta, Manta ray, Mobula, Spinetail devil ray, Spinetail devilray, spinetail mobula

More about this critter:

Found inshore, possibly in oceanic waters (Ref. 9911). Pelagic (Ref. 58302). Occurs singly or in groups (Ref. 9911). Feeds mainly on euphausiids (mainly Nictiphanes simplex), and to a lesser extent on copepods and crustacean larvae. May also feed on small fishes. Ovoviviparous (Ref. 50449). Acoustic tracks record the species to spend time above the thermocline at night to feed on krill (H. Dewar, pers.comm. 05/2000). Very common by-catch of the gillnet fisheries targeting skpjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis). Utilized for its gill filter plates (very high value), meat, cartilage and skin (Ref.58048).

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