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Scientific Name:

Auxis thazard brachydorax Collette and Aadland, 1996

Common Names:

tuna, Frigate tuna, Mackerel, frigate mackerel

More about this critter:

Common names: mackerel (English), tuna (English), melva (Espanol), barrilete (Espanol)
Auxis thazard brachydorax Collette & Aadland, 1996

Frigate mackerel,     Frigate tuna

Body elongate, rounded; no fatty eyelid; jaw teeth slender, conical; top of tongue with 2 ridges;  2 dorsal fins widely separated; 1st  dorsal IX-XI spines; ~ 8 finlets behind 2nd  dorsal fin, ~ 7 behind anal fin; a single-pointed long bony process between pelvic fins; pectoral fins short, not reaching a vertical line from anterior margin of scaleless area on back; 1 lateral line; 1 large + 2 small keels on tail base; a well developed corselet of scales on front of body, rear extension of corselet is narrow (1-8 scales wide).

Back dark bluish; a patch of 15 or more narrow, oblique to nearly horizontal dark wavy lines in scaleless area above lateral line, patch begins under 1st  dorsal and over pectoral fin, belly white.

Size: to 61 cm and 4.5 Kg.

Inhabits coastal and oceanic waters, sometimes forming large schools.

Depth: 0-200 m.

Worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas; the subspecies A. thazard brachydorax is restricted to the eastern Pacific: from California to the lower Gulf of California to Chile, and the oceanic islands.

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