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Scientific Name:

Manta birostris (Walbaum, 1792)

Common Names:

Manta, Atlantic manta, Australian devilray, Blanketfish, Chevron manta ray, Devil fish, Devil ray, Devil-ray, Eagleray, Giant Atlantic manta, Giant devil ray, Giant manta, Giant manta ray, Great devil fish, Manta ray, Mantaray, Munguna, Oceanic manta ray, Pacific manta, Pacific manta ray, Pelagic manta ray, Prince Alfreds ray, Sea devil, Skeete, devilfish

More about this critter:

The graceful manta ray is a stunning member of the devil ray family, if only for its sheer size. These large rays have a distinctive body shape with triangular pectoral 'wings' and paddle-like lobes extending in front of their mouths (2). They are generally dark on the upper surface, ranging from black to greyish-blue and brown, with pale undersides; individuals have a unique pattern of blotches and scars that can be used to identify them (2). The large, cavernous mouth is situated at the front of the body and contains 18 rows of teeth on the lower jaw (3).

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