Sea goldie

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Scientific Name:

Pseudanthias squamipinnis (Peters, 1855)

Common Names:

Sea goldie, Goldfish, Goldie, Kashikeyo mas, Lyretail anthias, Lyretail coralfish, Lyretail fairy basslet, Orange basslet, Orange butterfly perch, Orange fairy basslet, Orange sea perch, Orange seaperch, Red coral perch, Scalefin anthias, Scalefin basslet, Scalefin fairy basslet, Wreckfish, rainbow

More about this critter:

Found above coral outcrops or patch reefs of clear lagoons, channels, or outer reef slopes. Form large aggregations. Feed on zooplankton (Ref. 6113). A protogynous hermaphrodite (Ref. 55367). Males are territorial and haremic (Ref. 9710). Color patterns and size of sexual transition very slightly from one locality to the next. Total length for females from Ref. 9137.

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