Cube trunkfish

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Scientific Name:

Ostracion cubicus Linnaeus, 1758

Common Names:

Cube trunkfish, Black-spotted, Black-spotted boxfish, Blue-spotted boxfish, Box fish, Boxy, Cofferfish, Cowfish, Cube Boxfish, Cubical boxfish, Ocellated box fish, Polkadot boxfish, Spotted box fish, Yellow boxfish, boxfish

More about this critter:

Inhabit lagoon and semi-sheltered seaward reefs. Juveniles often among Acropora corals (Ref. 9710). Benthopelagic (Ref. 58302). Solitary (Ref. 5503). Juveniles expatriating to subtropical zone from the pelagic larval stage. Small juveniles secretive in narrow crevices (Ref. 48637). Feed primarily on algae with a compliment of microorganisms, invertebrates, mollusks, sponges (Ref. 5503), sand dwelling polychaetes, crustaceans, foraminiferans, and fishes (Ref. 37816).

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