Blotched fantail ray

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Scientific Name:

Taeniura meyeni Müller and Henle, 1841

Common Names:

Blotched fantail ray, Black spotted ray, Black-blotched stingray, Black-spotted stingray, Fantail ray, Fantail ray, Giant reef ray, Fantail stingray, Giant reef gray, Giant reef ray, Giant ribbon-ray fish, Marbled ray, Ribbon-ray fish, Round ribbontail ray, Round ribbontailray, Speckled stingray, Stingray, bull ray, ribbontail ray

More about this critter:

The round ribbontail ray feeds on bottom-dwelling fish, crabs and shrimp (2); the positioning of the mouth on the underside of the body is perfect for scooping up animals hiding in the sand. These rays can be found singly or in aggregations (2). Reproduction is ovoviviparous, with up to seven live young being born per litter (6).

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