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Scientific Name:

Taenianotus triacanthus Lacepède, 1802

Common Names:

scorpionfish,Leaf fish,Leaf scorpionfish,Leaffish,Paper fish,Paper scorpionfish,Paperfish,Sailfin leaf fish,Sailfin leaffish,Swayfish,Three-spined scorpionfish,Threespine scorpionfish

More about this critter:

Inhabits reef flats, outer reef slopes, current-swept channels, and rarely on lagoon reefs (Ref. 1602). Benthic (Ref. 58302). Solitary and usually immobile among algae or seagrass but effects hip movements resembling that of a leaf falling down from a tree. Molts twice a month with the skin breaking off first in the head region. Has the habit of mimicking a dead leaf by swaying from side to side (Ref. 37816). Feeds on small crustaceans and fishes (Ref. 9710); also feeds on larvae (Ref. 5503). Venomous spines.

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