Longfin baitfish

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Scientific Name:

Platax teira (Forsskål, 1775)

Common Names:

longfin baitfish, Longfin batfish, Longfin spadefish, Round faced batfish, Roundface batfish, Tall-fin batfish, Teira batfish, Tiera batfish, batfish, spadefish

More about this critter:

Large adults live in sheltered bays as well as deep offshore. Commonly found around shipwrecks in small groups and occasionally forms large schools. Small juveniles with floating debris and form aggregations as they find each other. They can be pelagic to large sizes and form schools under large Sargassum rafts that usually form after the wet season (Ref. 48637). Juveniles inhabit shallow protected inner reefs while adults occur in lagoon and seaward reefs to a depth of 20 m or more. Edible but not esteemed (Ref. 12484). Not an important game fish (Ref. 12484).

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