Circular spadefish

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Scientific Name:

Platax orbicularis (Forsskål, 1775)

Common Names:

Circular spadefish, Circular batfish, Circular spadefish batfish, Copper batfish, Narrowbanded batfish, Orbicular batfish, Orbiculate batfish, Papillon, Paras, Round bat fish, Round batfish, Sicklefish, batfish, spadefish

More about this critter:

Live in shallow protected coastal waters to deep, somewhat silty habitats. Often with deep shipwrecks (Ref. 48637). Adults are found singly or in small groups and occasionally in large schools in some areas. Juveniles occur singly or in small groups among mangroves and inner sheltered lagoons while adults move out to open waters over sandy areas of deep lagoons, channels, and seaward reefs to a depth of at least 30 m. Feed on algae, invertebrates and small fishes.

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