Amerikansk hummer

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Scientific Name:

Homarus americanus H. Milne Edwards, 1837

Common Names:

Amerikansk hummer, Amerikanischer Hummer, northern lobster, Amercian Lobster, American lobster, Atlantic lobster, Maine Lobster, New England Lobster, True lobster, blackshell, blueshells, buckle shell, crack backer, hard shell lobster, lobster, new shell, old shell lobster, paper shell, rubber shell, shadow, shedder, soft shell, Bogavante americano, Bogavante, Lubrigante, Homarus americanus, Homard, Homard Américain, Homarus americanus, Astice americano, amerikahummer, Amerikaanse zeekreeft, amerikahummar, Lavagante americano

More about this critter:

Homarus americanus, the American lobster, is found along the Atlantic coast of North America in the region from Labrador, Canada to North Carolina, United States. They are most prevalent along the New England coast. The American lobster is found in shallow waters but is more abundant in deeper waters and can live as far deep as 365 m.

Biogeographic Regions: atlantic ocean (Native )

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