Striped eel catfish

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Scientific Name:

Plotosus lineatus (Thunberg, 1787)

Common Names:

Striped eel catfish, Barbel-eel catfish, Catfish eel, Catfish-eel, Coral catfish, Eel catfish, Eel-tailed catfish, Ito, Lined catfish, Sago, Stripe eel-catfish., Striped cat-fish eel, Striped catfish, Striped catfish eel, Striped catfish-eel, Stripped catfish, Young catfish eel, canine catfish eel, striped eel-catfish, striped sea catfish

More about this critter:

The only catfish found in coral reefs. Also found in estuaries, tide pools and open coasts. Juveniles form dense ball-shaped schools of about 100 fish; adults are solitary or occur in smaller groups of around 20 and are known to hide under ledges during the day (Ref. 1602, 5503, 12693, 37816, 48635). Adults search and stir the sand incessantly for crustaceans, mollusks, worms, and sometimes fish (Ref. 5213). Oviparous, with demersal eggs and planktonic larvae (Ref. 205). The highly venomous serrate spine of the first dorsal and each of the pectoral fins are dangerous, and even fatal in rare cases (Ref. 1602).

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