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How does it work?

Keep your dive log safe in the cloud

With Diveary your dive log is forever safe and you can access it from anywhere in the world.
You can choose whether you want to enter data yourself or import it from your dive computer.

Log your dives

Keep your dive log forever safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. With Diveary the days of carrying countless paper sheets with you are over!

Share with your friends

Diveary helps you keep in touch with your diving buddies. You will be able to browse through your friends' dives and proudly show them the result of your latest trip.

Collect badges

Make Diving a bit more fun. Diveary will award you with achievements. Not only you get Badges for a certain number of dives or species you have seen, you also will be able to be honest about your lost buddies and your air consumption.
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